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iKAPA-The-What-Dance-Can-Do-Project00040970The What Dance Can Do Project is a public-interest recognized non profit organization created in Zurich, Switzerland. Switzerland-based backers are therefore entitled to tax deduction of their donation (according to the specific rules and guidelines of their canton). 

The What Dance Can Do Project

Zypressenstrasse 50

8004 Zurich – Switzerland 

IBAN: CH 6004835226326 541 000



You donate, we organize:

  • workshops for children and young adults in Kibera, Nairobi. We already had three workshops there in 2019 and 2020, involving 5 professional dancers. About 150 dance students of the organization Anno’s Africa, have benefited from classes at this stage, as well as local dance teachers who normally have no access to further development. 
  • performances and dance events to children and young adults hospitalized at the Necker Hospital in Paris and Kinderspital in Zurich
  • workshops and classes for a group of young migrants in Paris – we hope to make their dream come true : perform on stage in 2021. 
  • workshops for children with no easy access to the arts, in Wellington, New Zealand
  • dance classes for orphans in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, in partnership with the Swiss non profit organization Atlas Kinder  

Thank you for your help to help us bring dance to vulnerable children and young adults! All amounts are welcome. We are a non profit organization operating with a staff on a 100% voluntary basis and therefore your donation will only fund our actions.

With 150 CHF, we can rent costumes for a dance event in a hospital. With 800 CHF, we can fly a high potential student from Kenya to Europe to attend Summer Ballet School there.

10,00 CHF