Since our creation in 2018, we have been active in France, Morocco, New Zealand, Kenya, Switzerland and Tunisia. 


Dance workshops for children and young adults in Kenya

January 2019: two of our ambassadors, Léonore Baulac and Dor Mamalia, gave a first Dance Summer Camp in Kenya. Have a look at their interview!
They taught young students living in the impoverished area of Kibera, near Nairobi, who have been following the dance classes given all year round by our partner organisation Anno’s Africa .

As we want our action to be sustainable, our ambassadors also teach to local dance instructors, giving “train the trainers” sessions. 

We went back to Kibera in July 2019 to continue our action there supporting our partner Anno’s Africa. 

Our ambassadors Ji-Min Hong, Yen-Ching Lin and Alexander Jones gave classes and two of them took part to the fundraising gala organised by our partner Anno’s Africa to build a new Arts Centre for their young students living in the impoverished neighbourhood of Kibera. 


Two young students of Anno’s Africa, Abigail and Christine, got the opportunity to attend ballet classes in France  during Summer 2019, thanks to our ambassador Léonore Baulac and her mom Cathrine Thorstensen. 

January 2020: more ballet training was given to the students of Anno’s Africa by Léonore Baulac. 

Bring dance to children who are facing illness.

We partner with the Necker Hospital (Paris), where we have held eight events between 2018 and 2021. Dancers perform for and meet with young patients, their parents and some of the medical staff, thanks to the cultural events team of the hospital, “Espace Plein Ciel”. Here below a group of artists from Taiwan, Yen-Ching Lin, I-Fen Tung, Hung Wei Yao and Rina B. Tsou during the first event in July 2018.

Here below few pictures of our second event that took place in September 2018 with Léonore Baulac and Hugo Marchand of the Paris Opera Ballet. The evening left children and their families (and the lovely hospital staff) with stars in the eyes!

Our fourth event at the Necker Hospital took place in May 2019.
Have a look at the beautiful film that came out of the event thanks to the wonderful Jérome Sivien! 

January 2020: event number five at the Necker Hospital, with the dancers of the Paris Opera Lucie Fenwick, Hugo Marchand and Axel Ibot. PC: Laura Gili

Here below the beautiful pictures by Gérard Uféras taken in November 2020 during our event number 7. 

We are extending our action in the hospitals to other European countries. We had our first event at the Zurich Kinderspital in January 2020 and are excited about this new collaboration! We are hoping for a new partnership in Belgium to materialise in 2021. 

What Dance Can Do New Zealand


Our wonderful team in Wellington has organised several classes and workshops for a group of children from the Kahurangi School. The group has been very motivated and eager to continue into the new year. 

Here a film of their participation to “Animal Kingdom”, an initiative in collaboration with Akram Khan Company. 

Thank you to Repetto Paris and Gaynor Minden for their help providing great dancing gear to the children we support. 

Thank you to the Centre de danse Acquaviva in Lyon France for their support in organising an event as soon as the health situation allows again.


Thank you to Studio Joune for their amazing work on our new logo and branding! 




In collaboration with the Royal Danish Theatre, our first photography and text-based exhibition took place in Copenhagen (May 12, 2018 for a month in the department store Magasin). This exhibition was made possible by the sponsorship of The Royal Danish Theatre and Magasin du Nord. 

The project also was the guest of a production on the topic of “What Dance Can Do” (May 19 and June 5, 2018) on the old stage of the Royal Danish Theatre with a talk by Aurélia Sellier and a performance by Ahmad Joudeh.


Zurich What Dance Can Do Gala

We had a very successful first gala event on September 14, 2019 in Zurich, at the Widder Hotel. Here a few pictures.

Have a look at the program we offered thanks to our wonderful guests, sponsors and partners! 

Abigail, 11, got the chance to visit ballet classes in France. Thanks to the “Stage International de danse de Publier” for welcoming Abi and Christine!
Abigail and Christine who live in Kibera, Nairobi, visited the Paris Opera with their teacher and guardian angel Léonore Baulac.