The What Dance Can Do Project is a Zurich-based organization launched in 2017 with the purpose to support projects harnessing the power of dance for greater social inclusion and well-being of  children and young adults globally

The What Dance Can Do project was put into motion by a handful of people who believe dance changes lives and that all children should have access to music and dance.

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The WDCD Project has two main objectives:

  1. support social entrepreneurs : we raise funds for social inclusion dance projects for children and young adults. Our first project is to build a dance studio for the children of a dance program in Gugulethu, a neighborhood of Cape Town. About 80% of our action will be carried by local organizations. We also want to implement our own initiatives, in partnership with institutions like the Necker hospital in Paris.
  2. advocate dance as a spark for change and share the stories of dancers, how their lives were impacted by dance and what they hope their art brings to their audience.

The Project intends to show how dance is being used as an agent of change to heal, to lift up, to bridge gaps, and to give means of expression and a voice to those who might not otherwise have one.

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The What Dance Can Do Project is…

  • A philanthropic and artistic start up : we hope to trigger the interest and generosity of partners to fund our first projects. First initiative supported : build a dance studio in the township of Gugulethu (South Africa) for the young students of the iKapa dance program. Longer term, we want to help organizations that use dance as a leverage for social inclusion and youth development. Dancing can be life-changing for children and young adults.  The organizations we aim to support work for the physical, mental and emotional well being of disadvantaged youths.  They also encourage, empower, educate and nurture aspiring artists from disadvantaged backgrounds and promote ballet among financially disadvantaged audiences. We will identify and select such programs world-wide and support them start, sustain and grow their action. 
  • A book (to be published in 2019);
  • A production on “what dance can do” in partnership with the Royal Danish Ballet: panel discussion, photo projection and dance performances – (Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen, 19/05 and 05/06/2018);
  • An exhibition in collaboration with the Royal Danish Theater  and Magasin du Nord with a focus on the Royal Danish Ballet Company (Copenhagen, from 12/05/2018 to 09/06/2018);
  • We are preparing for further events in Europe.