PC Ballerina Project by Dane Shitagi

Isabella Boylston is an American ballet dancer who is currently a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT).

First memories of dancing

My first memories of dancing were at the local recreation center in my small town of Ketchum in Idaho. I remember jumping around, pretending to be a frog. 

One of my most powerful stage memories 

One of my favorite performances was a show of the Nutcracker in Los Angeles. I was performing with my close friend, James Whiteside, and we found such a natural flow. The audience could feel the magic too, they were so loud, it was like a rock concert.  

How I feel on stage and how I wish the audience would feel

My goal for my performances is always to be in the moment and to be genuine. Since we aren’t robots, it doesn’t always work out the way we hoped. But when I do find that flow state, it feels transcendent, almost like you’re tapping in to a higher power.

I want to make the audience feel something deeper, to be transported away from the mundane of everyday. 

My responsibility as an artist

I feel a responsibility to share my art form with as many people as possible. Art is so powerful. It can change lives and heal. I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience that. 

What I would say to some one who never came to see a ballet (although they materially could do so) to make them want to come 

I think a lot of people think of ballet as an elitist art form and they feel intimidated by it, or they just think of little girls tiptoeing around in a pink tutu and they don’t understand the difficulty and the athleticism behind it.

I think a way in for many people is to get to know the artists on a human level.

Now with social media, we are able to share a lot with the world.

I want people to come to the ballet with an open mind. There really is something for everyone to enjoy, the music, the beautiful bodies and athleticism on display, great acting, and funny or tragic stories. Surely everyone can find something therein to love. 

PC Gene Schiavone

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